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Cat Gray ([personal profile] catness) wrote in [community profile] a_reader_is_me2014-03-31 10:43 pm

Book: The Legend of Devil's Creek by D.C. Alexander

Title: The Legend of Devil's Creek
Author: D.C. Alexander
Number of pages: 372
Genre: thriller, mystery
Book Number/Goal: 34/52
My Rating: 4/5

The police is searching for a serial killer who appears to recreate the style of another, legendary serial killer operating in the same town many years ago. Meanwhile, a group of friends are busy with regular student activities: drinking, sports, dating, exchanging memories of family abuse, and studying philosophy.

Most of the book portrays mundane college life, interspersed with the occasional gruesome murder scenes and police investigation. The main character is shy, insecure, and spends a lot of time moping and worrying what people think of him. Somehow, it's not as annoying to read as it sounds. The philosophy lessons are as straightforward as popular science articles, split into "he said" and "she said" to appear fiction-like, but they discuss a fascinating problem: what is the cause of evil in the world, so they are interesting to follow. The police scenes are the weakest part. It's essentially a book about college, unexciting but surprisingly comfy, pleasant to read in bed on a rainy day.

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