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Book: The Bells of Subsidence by Michael John Grist

Title: The Bells of Subsidence
Author: Michael John Grist
Number of pages: 121
Genre: sci-fi
Book Number/Goal: 35/52
My Rating: 5/5

This is a collection of short stories, every one a window into a strange, fascinating world. Alien terms and concepts are introduced without any explanations, so the reader has to work out what's going on, and some details still remain unclear, which is fine. The first story, which names the whole book, is the weirdest and the best. It merges mathematical concepts with the idea of undying love and hope, and it turns out meaningful and touching. But the best bit is the language. Here's an insight into the main character's job:

"As the torrent comes, I cannot help but seek order from the chaos; raveling and inverting Klein bottles, stacking and nestling them within each other like Matroska dolls, folding tesseracts upon themselves, helixing Mobius strips into Riemann planes. Around me the 100 do the same. Together, by the combined resonance of our efforts, we will planck the branes for the first time. We will build our own Brilliance. Through our efforts, the Bell will toll."

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