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My reading challenge: conclusion

So, this time I've succeeded to complete the 52 books in 52 weeks reading challenge, even 2 months before the deadline! (started in August)

Books (and games) make life more bearable... I'll definitely keep reading (and most likely counting), but no more reviews (not in the same format anyway; it has become too tedious, and avoiding the spoilers is such a pain in the ass). Was trying to discover as many new/different authors as possible, but now I'll continue with the authors and series I've especially enjoyed. Known/popular authors seem to fare a bit better than the unknown/indie authors (with the exception of the boring classics I had to read for the sci-fi/fantasy course), but still, I made quite a few great discoveries in the discount bin :)

The genre and rating stats follow. (Some of the books have multiple tags, so the total sum of genre tags is more than 52. I've added some tags in my local copy of the reviews, but fixing them in all the posts is too much trouble.)

Total genres:
sci-fi: 15
fantasy: 13
dystopia: 10
thriller: 9
non-fiction: 8
games: 5
mystery: 5
horror: 5
young adult: 4
psychology: 4
historical: 2
cyberpunk: 2
romance: 2
magical realism: 1
humor: 1
esoterics: 1
graphic novel: 1
realism: 1
fanfiction: 1
drama: 1
memoir: 1

Total ratings:
1 stars: 5
2 stars: 7
3 stars: 10
4 stars: 16
5 stars: 14

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