Title: Creatures of Appetite
Author: Todd Travis
Number of pages: 238
Genre: thriller
Book Number/Goal: 28/52
My Rating: 4/5

An elusive serial killer is on the hunt for young girls. The victims get kidnapped from any place, no matter how secure, and some of their body parts show up a few days later, but no other clues. The police resorts to the last desperate measure: inviting a specialist from another state. Jacob Thorne is a brilliant detective who catches criminals using his methods of psychological profiling. He never fails, but he's extremely unpleasant to work with, being rude, egotistic and undisciplined, so he's assigned a partner: Emma Kane, a capable cop but severely traumatized after her last case.

The plot is genuinely suspenseful, and after an obligatory twist there's another, much less expected, twist! It's exciting to follow the process of unraveling the mystery step by step. The character of Thorne is strongly reminiscent of Dr. House, which, of course, is a bonus. There's a bit too much workplace intrigues and gossip, but otherwise, great and engaging story.


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