It looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. I've done lots of reading, not so much reviewing...

Title: The Scarpetta Factor (Scarpetta Series #17)
Author: Patricia Cornwell
Number of Pages: 512
Genre: Mystery/Forensic Thriller
Book Number/Goal: 59/75 in 2009

Review: Not the best one of the series, but certainly not one of the worst. It was an enjoyable read. It was nice to get another installment into the character's lives. The plot was definitely secondary, in my opinion. I just wonder how long I'll have to wait for another one.

***SPOILERS*** )

Title: The Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder (Hannah Swensen Series #1)
Author: Joanne Fluke
Number of Pages: 304
Genre: Mystery
Book Number/Goal: 58/75 in 2009

Review: I'm definitely hooked on this series. Hannah is an extremely likable main character, as are the supporting characters. She's sweet, she's smart, and she seems very "real".

I wasn't sure how convoluted this mystery was going to be (though I should have guessed not very based on the genre) so I couldn't quite figure out whodunnit. I was hoping throughout the whole book that it wasn't X, Y, or Z because I just liked them too much.

In addition to just being a fun and entertaining read, you really can't go wrong with a book that has cookie recipes included every few chapters!

Title: Furies of Calderon (Codex Alera Book One)
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 512
Genre: Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 57/75 in 2009

Review: FANTASTIC!!! Epic-fantasy done so very right.

I absolutely LOVED this book. I literally couldn't read it fast enough. It's like LOTR on speed. It's simply amazing. Butcher is a fantastic writer, and it really comes through right out of the gate. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. I wouldn't normally pick up a fantasy novel, but I decided to give it a try since I'm such a fan of Butcher's Dresden Files series. While nothing like DF, I'm so glad I gave it a chance!

Title: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (Wimpy Kid Series #4)
Author: Jeff Kinney
Number of Pages: 224
Genre: Fiction/Humor
Book Number/Goal: 56/75 in 2009

Review: Another good installment of the Wimpy Kid series. The original is still my favorite, but this was an enjoyable read.
Title: Turn Coat (Book 11/11 in the Dresden Files series)
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 418
Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 46/50 in 2009

Review: Absolutely fantastic. I enjoyed every single page of this book. It also left me with just enough resolution that I can *almost* patiently wait for #12 to be released in April, though I'm quite interested to see in what direction things will now unfold.

spoilers )
Title: Small Favor (Book 10/11 in the Dresden Files series)
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 432
Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 43/50 in 2009

Review: I'm just going to cut right to spoilers here. This one really caught me off guard.

spoilers )

Title: Backup (Novelette in the Dresden Files series)
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 72 pages
Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 44/50 in 2009 (I'm going to lump this novelette in with the 5 other DF shorts that I've already read - plus the one after TC that is waiting to be read - in to one "book")

Review: The book is from Thomas Raith's POV and it was quite interesting to see Harry through the eyes of another character. The (brief) plot held my attention, but was almost secondary to the humor and perspective on Harry. Quite a nice little "bonus" in the series.

Additionally, I tried to read the graphic novel "Welcome to the Jungle" but I find that I can't get into the comic format. I have a difficult time reading the panels. My husband, on the other hand, who has been reading comics for almost 30 years, found it quite enjoyable. I think I can get him in to the series via the comics. Yay!
I'm a little behind posting reviews, so I'll keep it short and put them all in one entry.

Title: White Night (Book 9/11 in the Dresden Files series)
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 416
Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 41/50 in 2009

Review: I enjoyed reading White Night. I didn't find it as "intense" as the last few books, but it still lived up to expectations.

spoilers )

I have also been reading the Dresdin Files short stories that fall between the novels. I am finding them to be quite disappointing, not for their content, but for their length. They are just SO SHORT (think roughly 50 pages). I want more!!!

Title: Five Quarters of the Orange
Author: Joeanne Harris
Number of Pages: 307
Genre: Fiction
Book Number/Goal: 42/50 in 2009

Review: I don't want to say too much here, as it's the current book for my on-line book club and we haven't discussed yet, but I will say that I thought that the book was going to be so much more than it actually was. I was looking for it to be complex where it simply wasn't. Perhaps I've been reading too much Sci-Fi/Fantasy with twists and turns and surprises that I expected more drama. (Or, maybe it's that I've been living with my husband the Drama-Queen too long.) I just didn't feel that the "secrets" were all that 'impressive'.
Title: Proven Guilty (Book 8/11 in the Dresden Files series)
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 406
Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 40/50 in 2009

Review: Another enjoyable read! There were a lot of interesting plot developments that will have serious implications for quite some time. It really seems that the series is taking on an entirely new direction.

Title: Dead Beat (Book 7/11 in the Dresden Files series)
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 396
Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 37/50 in 2009

Review: I definitely enjoyed this one. It was quite unusual. It wasn't as good as the last one, IMO, but as the last one is probably my favorite in the series, I wasn't expecting it to be. I'm definitely looking forward to starting the next one tonight.

Spoilers )
Title: Blood Rites (Book 6/11 in the Dresden Files series)
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 372
Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 36/50 in 2009

Review: I think this is probably my favorite one yet.

Spoilers - Note: This review is more of a squee-fest than me actually reflecting upon the book (mostly). )
Title: Death Masks (Book 5/11 in the Dresden Files series)
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 374
Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 35/50 in 2009

Review: Yay! This was several steps up from the last one.

Spoilers )
Title: Summer Knight (Book 4/11 in the Dresden Files series)
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 371
Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 34/50 in 2009

Review: I was slightly disappointed with this one.

Spoilers )
Title: Grave Peril (Book 3/11 in the Dresden Files series)
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 347
Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 33/50 in 2009

Review: Each book keeps getting better than the previous one.

Spoilers )
Title: Storm Front
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 336
Genre: Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 9 of 50 to be read in a year

Review: Available on my blog.
Title: Fool Moon (Book 2/11 in the Dresden Files series)
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 311
Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 32/50 in 2009

Review: I am absolutely hooked on this series now. It's a whole lot of fun - sarcasm, wit, wizardry, crime fighting - what more could a girl ask for?

Spoilers )

Overall, I think the first book was more solid of a story, but this book definitely drew me in faster/harder. I think a lot of that had to do with the adjustment period from reading forensic novels almost exclusively before switching over into the sci-fi/fantasy realm.

Book 3 arrives on Wednesday and I can't wait to read it.
Title: Storm Front (Book 1/11 in the Dresden Files series)
Author: Jim Butcher
Number of Pages: 308
Genre: Mystery/Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Book Number/Goal: 30/50 in 2009

Review: This wasn't quite what I expected, but once I made the adjustment, I found it quite entertaining. I think a friend of mine put it best when she said it was Harry Potter meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm a big fan of the dry wit/sarcasm, and even found the old cliches funny. I really liked the dynamic between Dresden and Murphy. I'm hoping that relationship continues to develop. I have a feeling I'm going to start shipping them, though I'd be happy with just a stable friendship.

I have not seen the TV series, but I hear that it's quite a bit different from the books, so I'm not quite sure I want to watch. I definitely want to keep reading the series though.


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