Title: Interfaced
Author: Emerson Doering
Number of pages: 293
Genre: thriller
Book Number/Goal: 50/52
My Rating: 3/5

A young college student Kristen Crede has become a triple amputee after an accident. She's about to get an experimental set of hi-tech prosthetics which is controlled via a wireless neural implant. But she's uneasy about the surgery because of a dangerous stranger who threatens her if she will refuse him a yet-unknown favor. And there's something weird going on with the implant.

The sci-fi tech ideas are sound, though predictable. There's some intense action, plus foreshadowing and a few mysterious details, explained as late as possible to maintain the suspense. Kristen is a likeable character, refreshingly cynical about her condition. Other characters are rather boring. Overall, it's kind of a fast-food novel: difficult to put down while you're reading it, but hardly leaves any impression after it's over.


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