Title: Joou No Hyakunen Misshitsu (God Save the Queen)
Author: Mori Hiroshi
Number of Pages: 429 pages
Book Number/Goal: 5/5 for 2010
Book jacket summary: In 2113, Michru and Roidy forcibly landed on a strange land and lost their way. One night, they followed the music Roidy heard and saw a mystical elderly man. The man told them of a city ahead and if they wanted to be admitted, they needed to tell the keeper they were guided by the god and wanted to see the queen. When they went to the isolated city in the forest, where people never died in a hundred years, a murder happened. The truth lay behind the history of the city, the origin of the queen and the residents and the past of Michru.
Review: I love secret, intrigue and slow reveal so I am deeply attracted by this book. The author successfully creates an unsettling and creepy atmosphere , and the narrator knew much more than the readers but not annoying. The crime itself is not complex, but the reveal still seems surprising. It encourages me to find his other books.
Title: Kuro To Cha No Gensou  (Black & Tan Fantasy)
Author: Onda Riku
Number of Pages: 591 pages
Book Number/Goal: 4/5 for 2010
Review: Four friends met again a dacade after geaduation and went for a trip. In the journey, their secret were revealed and the past mysteries came into light one by one. It was told in the point of view from each character one by one. I I really enjoy this book. The characters are engaging, their complicated relationship intriguing and the the slow reveal of mysteries surprising yet reasonable. My only complaint is that it seems to focus too much on a character.
Title: Eye Killers
Author: A. A. Carr
Number of Pages: (optional) 344
Book Number/Goal: 3 of 5 in this year
Summary on Amazon.com: Not only is young Melissa Roanhorse in constant conflict with her alcoholic mother, she's also been chosen as the new bride of Falke, one of the undead who is just awaking from a long sleep in the dry New Mexican climate-a selection that does not sit well with Falke's other two consorts, Elizabeth and Hanna. After her first bite with Falke, Melissa erupts at school and then disappears. With the help of the girl's grandfather, Michael Roanhorse, her teacher, Diana Logan, sets out to find her. But if the old man is to save his granddaughter, he must also save himself by remembering the songs and ways of his people that he has long forgotten.
Review: The book is a bit low at the beginning, and it only grabs me at the middle. I begine to feel for Michael. The reimagining of vampire in Navajo mythology is fascinating, with the hint of their complicated relationship. Michael is so determined to save his granddaughter, and I love his journey to get through the mystery. My only regret is that Diana is white. It will be better if she is a native American too.
Title: Things Fall Apart
Author: Chinua Achebe
Number of Pages: (optional) 148
Book Number/Goal: 2 of 5  to be read in this year

Review: I love the unsentimental overview of Nigerian life before colonalization. Okonkwo was a hard man, whose greatest fear is of perceived weakness. His tragedy is caused by this fault, yet compunded by the invasion of colonialism and drove him to his end. The writers manages to make Okonkwo sympathetic yet critical of him, and the story has a tone of folklore just before the white come, which fit. Achebe is a good writer and his talent already shows in his first book.
Title: Guests
Author: Michael Dorris
Number of Pages: (optional) 119
Genre: Young Adult
Book Number/Goal: 1 of 5  to be read in a year

Review: It's a very solid coming-of-age story. Moss, frustrated by the strange guests cming to the feast, impulsively went to the forest to look for who he really is, and finds a more complicated answer than he suspected. I love the lush metaphor dscribing Moss' away time and I like Trouble very uch. The characters are very real to me.  I like how their stories are intervined in their Native American tradition.
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([personal profile] snowynight Dec. 1st, 2010 06:25 pm)
Name: [personal profile] snowynight
Goal: at least 5 books read before the end of the year.
Definition of "book": fanfic doesn't count because I read them anyway. graphic novels and mangas are OK, re-reads are not counted
Books read so far:
A little about my goal and my reading habits: I used to be an avid reader but due to busy life I've kind of fallen out of the habit. I want to pick it up again. My preference is for fiction and I much preferred short book/stand-alone to endless series. I try to read as many books written by or about people of colour as possible.


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