Another 17 books added to the total count :) I decided to up the challenge to 200 books in 2011 rather than 111, and so far I am still ahead (by 10 books).

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76 completed books, 26586 words as of 01/05/2011

Currently reading:
- Reginald Hill - Midnight Fugue (Dalziel & Pascoe) - 38/384
- Pat Willimott - The Chalet School Librarian - 39/200

I might abandon that last. It's sending me up the wall with misery spotting errors everywhere and I'm not even to page 40 yet, and the plot is not much better. The girls' school story fandom has weird ideas about fanfiction, and I'm really not all that comfortable paying for published fanfic if it's not for charity, having had more experience in the usual fandom model...
I'm doing pretty well at keeping track, now that I bought myself a little notebook and joined GoodReads.

I decided on 111 books in 2011. I may change that, as I'm already more than halfway there. List of read books/page count etc. so far under the cut - 59 finished so far. Not necessarily in order of reading - I only listed the month in my notebook until March 29th, not the exact date, so they sort randomly by month. A lot are re-reads, but I count those just the same. Page counts may be inaccurate, most were taken from GR and I know sometimes those editions are listed weirdly... I've sorted the list so far by author, since I don't know the exact dates I finished most of them.

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Currently reading:
- Jean K. Baird - Elizabeth Hobart at Exeter Hall - 95/180
- David Eddings - The Elder Gods (Dreamers) - 227/480
- Reginald Hill - Midnight Fugue (Dalziel & Pascoe) - 38/384
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So I lost count, mostly because I never did get around to page counting and pinning genres on some of the books that I read. So this time, I'm going to go from September 17th and just make a list with title and author, and I think I'll be able to keep up with that better.

I don't think my goal will be specific this time. I just want to keep track of how many books I read, and to read as much as I can. I'm counting anything over 200 pages (or in the case of fanfiction, 10000 words) as a book for the purposes of this, short stories as half-books. I hope to get through 100 books by March 17th, at least. I'm also going to total them up, every 20 books or so, by page so I can work out how high on me they'd come for the challenge of reading my height in books (not quite exactly with the rules [community profile] readheightetc used for it, but close).

the first 20, from September 17th to October 10th )
Title A Morbid Taste For Bones
Author(s) Ellis Peters
Page Count 250
Genre Crime/Mystery/Historical
Book Number/Goal (23/05-23/09) 13/100

Title The Confession of Brother Haluin
Author(s) Ellis Peters
Page Count 205
Genre Crime/Mystery/Historical
Book Number/Goal (23/05-23/09) 14/100

Title The Holy Thief
Author(s) Ellis Peters
Page Count 289
Genre Crime/Mystery/Historical
Book Number/Goal (23/05-23/09) 15/100

15/100 books; 4822 pages.
Counting from the 23rd May and running to September 23rd, so here's my list for this past week :)

1-12/100 )

12/100 books; 4078 pages.


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